Windows vs. Partition glass

A frequently asked question that we receive is- what is the difference between my partition glass cleaning and a standard window cleaning; and how are each maintained?

Partition glass is considered all the windows inside the main walls. T&S Maintenance will typically define your main windows looking to the outside of the building as “curbside windows”. Per a standard janitorial contract the client can expect that their partition glass will be maintained for spots and smudges. A full top to bottom cleaning of the partition glass should be scheduled once a year. Depending on your agreement there may be a fee associated with this service.

For your curbside windows, a typical cleaning would almost always fall under the category of an additional service. Depending on the size and location of your building, the exterior curbside windows should be examined every few months to determine if a full cleaning is needed. Typically, the interior of the curbside windows will be thoroughly cleaned on an annual basis.