No matter how good the floor care program, a harsh winter can leave a floor looking drab and discolored upon the first blooms of spring.  After the final rain has come and gone, it is time to address the the wear and tear that winter brings to floors.  

Floors will generally need to be stripped or deep-cleaned to return them to like-new condition. A floor that needs stripping may look dull and its finish may appear uneven, cloudy or hazy. After stripping, the floor will need recoating with a floor finish.

The floor will likely need a deep scrub before applying finish to spruce up tired looking floors. It’s a good time to strip and recoat just to get rid of leftover contaminants that were brought in during the winter.

Whether stripping or just a deep scrub is required is largely determined by how well crews kept up the floor during the winter months.

During the winter you have a couple of options, you can either increase your frequencies in an effort to keep things looking good, or you can take a chance and and work on sprucing it back up in the spring.  Which is the best for you?  In the end it will be will be up to each facility manager or business owner to determine the need based on their individual requirements.