There is nothing better than being in the Bay Area in October.  The clear autumn days offer the perfect combination of sunshine and warmth and the mid-afternoon sunlight shining in the windows reminds me why I love living here.  Unfortunately, that same sunlight also reminds me of the amount of dust that is constantly surrounding […]

Summer is just around the corner.  April showers gave way to May flowers and they brought with them a wave of summer allergies.  For some, this time of year can be brutally tough.  Here are some ways you can help minimize the effects of the season. Keep air circulating in your area; perhaps use a […]

What does it mean to be ‘Bonded’ and why do you, the customer, want to make sure you are covered with janitorial bonds? Janitorial bonds, or house cleaning bonds, are a type of fidelity bond designed to protect a third party, (Customer) whose property is being cleaned by a janitorial service or house cleaner. If you own a […]

Many indoor sporting activities require the use of gym mats to promote safety and prevent injuries. However, compared to other types of matting, gym mats have very specific placement, cleaning, care and storage requirements. Following these guidelines for maintaining gym mats will help keep matting in good condition, providing years of quality service. • Upon […]

February is National Care about Your Indoor Air month, which is the perfect time for facility managers and cleaning professionals to take a moment and focus on the importance of improving the indoor air within their facilities.  Custodial personnel and the type of cleaning processes in place can have a large impact on the quality […]